Government Clients

City of Austin

Lower Colorado River Authority

MHMRA of Harris County (Houston)

State of Texas, Department of Banking

State of Texas, Deptartment of Human Services

State of Texas, Deptartment of Transportation

State of Texas, Employee's Retirement System

State of Texas, General Land Office

State of Texas, Office of the Attorney General

State of Texas, Parks & Wildlife

State of Texas, Teachers Retirement System

Texas Association of School Boards

The University of Texas at Austin, Graduate School of Business

United States Air Force, Randolph Air Force Base

Unites States Army Personnel Information Systems Command

United States Internal Revenue Service

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Austin Software Foundry has had extensive experience working in all levels of government, from the local level at the City of Austin to the State of Texas to departments of the United States Government. Among the engagements ASF has had with government entities are:

arrow Professional Education and Training

Austin Software Foundry has provided its complete educational curriculum to its government-sector clients, as well as highly customized courses and curriculum designed to complement application development projects being delivered by ASF to these same clients.

arrow Software Architecture Design and Implementation Mentoring

The Texas Teachers Retirement System (TRS) asked ASF to participate in its Benefits Services Transformation Project. TRS wanted to reengineer how it delivered benefits to its members. TRS is one of the largest retirement systems in the United States. Its information systems had become large, complex and inflexible.

ASFs primary role was supporting the architectural design, and subsequent detailed designs, of the Internet/Intranet components for the District Reporting, Member Enrollment/Member Data, Core Benefits Processing, and Disbursements processes. TRS's goal: The new architecture would provide a robust, modular and extensible application architecture. In addition to its role as architect, ASF also trained and mentored TRS team members in object-oriented analysis and design, as well as rapid, iterative project and process management techniques. ASF's AdAPT architectural blueprint and ASAP development process blueprint were used extensively throughout this project.

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