Process, Architecture and Knowledge

Austin Software Foundry specializes in the application of industry-standard object and component software development processes, architectures, tools and best practices to the development of custom business and electronic commerce software components and applications.

Austin Software Foundry offers a variety of professional and educational services, as well as software products, to assist you in the design, construction and deployment of distributed business components and applications for two-tier, three-tier or n-tier applications in client/server, distributed, internet, intranet or extranet environments.

Austin Software Foundry also provides customized training curriculums, strategic information technology consulting, and project delivery guidance. It can mentor IT organizations wanting to transition from traditional software development processes to object, component and distributed development.


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Building Bridges between Business and Technology

Clients have relied on Austin Software Foundry since 1990 to bridge the gap between business people, who require technology solutions, and the technologists, who must create and maintain those solutions. While business and technology fads -- promising a silver bullet to eliminate this breach -- have come and gone, Austin Software Foundry has continued to apply and evolve its proven approach to creating business value from the application of information technology.

Austin Software Foundry's experience can help you realize the value of your information technology investments by helping you:

  • Bridge the gap between your organization's objectives and the application of information technology to achieve those goals.
  • Capture, model, design and implement your key business events, processes and rules in your packaged or custom, line-of-business software applications.
  • Design and implement those business events, processes and rules as industry standard components independent of the applications, development tools and deployment environments in which they will be deployed.
  • Design, implement or use those components in a distributed computing infrastructure to support customized intranet or extranet business and electronic commerce applications.
  • Teach your software development team or organization this kind of business-driven object and component development approach.

For nearly two decades, ASF has served small and medium businesses, startups and Fortune 1000 companies, connecting business people and technologists to create business value from information technology.



March 1, 2003
ASF Announces Spinoff of Healthcare Business Intelligence Company

April 23, 1999
ASF Completes the Sale of Educational and Professional Services Divisions; Retains Engineering Services Division

August 8, 1996
ASF Teams with Weyerhaeuser, Entergy to Create Software Faster and Cheaper

June 5, 1995
ASF Announces Component Development Partnership with Dazel Corporation

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