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Advanced Micro Devices

Air Products and Chemicals

Alcoa, Inc.

Alcon Laboratories

Cessna Aircraft Co.

Compaq Computer Corp.

Dell Computer Corp.

Golden Aluminum

Hunt Plywood Co.

Intel Corp.

Kellog Corp.

Koch Industries

The Minute Maid Co.

Mrs. Baird's

Samsung Austin Semiconductor

Sony Semiconductor Co.

Southern Plastics

Sulzer Carbomedics

The Dow Chemical Co.




Weyerhaeuser Co.

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Austin Software Foundry has worked with manufacturing companies as diverse as those involved in semi-conductor fabrication to those involved in the raw material production of pulp, paper and aluminum. Here are some of the ways ASF has engaged with its manufacturing clients:

arrow Outsourced Application Development

A Fortune 100 manufacturing company had to deliver a common, raw materials system, using common architecture and development processes, to three different manufacturing facilities. The system managed raw material acquisition and disposition; it was required to interface with truck scales and accounting systems that differed at each manufacturing facility. The system also had to accommodate local government transportation and shipping legal requirements. 

ASF acted in process management and architect roles, and also supplied senior development staff to the project team. ASF's ASAP was used as the foundation for the development process. AdAPT was used as the foundation for the system architecture.

Austin Software Foundry was engaged by another Fortune 100 manufacturing company to supply turn-key development of a graphical, manufacturing scheduling application for use at a one of the largest smelting plants in the United States.

arrow Strategic Information Technology Consulting

Austin Software Foundry was asked by a Fortune 100 Manufacturing company to help form a strategic technology plan. ASF served as advisor to the executive in charge of the application development component of the strategic technology plan. It helped the executive understand object-oriented technologies and rapid, iterative software development processes. Subsequently, ASF was retained as a process and project mentor; assisting with the rollout of several initiatives designed to start the transformation of the application development organization.

arrow Project and Process Mentoring

Austin Software Foundry's core mission is helping software professionals and their develoment teams adopt object-oriented software development technologies, techniques and processes. ASF has helped its manufacturing clients' project managers, architects and developers with:

  • object-oriented modeling using Coad-Yourdon, Wirfs-Brock CRC, Objectory, Booch, OMT and Rational UML;
  • creation and review of object-oriented designs;
  • creation and review of object-oriented code;
  • management of object-oriented, rapid development processes;
  • development of best practices for object-oriented development and project management; and
  • creation of organization and language-specific object-oriented programming style guides.

ASF also has mentored Directors of Application Development, Chief Information Officers, and other senior managers responsible for introducing object-oriented and component technology to their organizations.

arrow Professional Education and Training

Austin Software Foundry has delivered management and technical training to all of its manufacturing clients during the past 20 years.

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